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Local Belle: The Beginning

August 1, 2011

Hello interwebs world!

My name is Anabelle, most often though I am Belle. I decided to embark on this blogging experience in order to process the world of local food that I encounter on a daily basis. Why local you may wonder? I am an advocate of eating, supporting, and savoring local food because I believe in the power of a local economy. Our food system has become so globalized that we have lost our connection to the most basic essence of our being: food! By getting to know your local farmer, supporting local businesses that in turn support local growers, having your own vegetable garden, and eating delicious food- we have the power to change the world! At least the world of food- one step at a time bellpeppers.


Local can manifest itself in a number of ways, which is ultimately up to you. However, I will be sharing my encounters with local farmers, local food, local recipes, local traditions, local businesses, culture and much much more. I am fascinated by all of it, especially food!

A word or two about food:

Food can be many different things to many different people. I recently heard food being described as the sun’s manifestation in our bodies, or bursts of creation that nourishes our souls. Whatever food means to you, it is important. Food is what sustains our bodies, what our dinner conversations are about, our hunger pains, and has recently become very political. It is the leftovers in your fridge, the compost in your backyard, your grandmother’s secret recipe, your guilty pleasure or your celebration. It can also be the inequality in your neighborhood, the cause of your health problems, or the famine in your country. This blog hopes to address all of that and more. I look forward to exploring the world of local food with you, and believe that together as a conscious community we can eat our way to a healthier future!