Ethical Nepal
Check out my guest post for Pursue Action's blog, where I describe the importance of cultivating gardens- physical and metaphysical alike. Cheers! ...Read More >
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Local Belle:
Goat Cheese in Nepal
As I mentioned in my last post, I have most certainly not gotten used to the fact that my beloved cheese is nowhere to find in this country. Well, cheese does exist but only in the form of yak cheese. Now I'm not a cheese wiz (get it?!), but yak cheese was certainly not cutting it for me. ...Read More >
10 Things I’ve Gotten Used to in Nepal
I thought I would do a post related to things I seem to have gotten used to in Nepal (related to food of course). This post is inspired by a fellow volunteer's blog and thought it would be a nice way to reflect on the happenings here in Kathmandu, and in Nepal in general. ...Read More >
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