Food Photography Workshop with Honest Films

December 8, 2014

There are certain events in my life that come together so perfectly, that it’s only until later that I get to reflect on what a dream it all is. Yesterday’s food photography workshop with husband-wife duo of Honest Films, was one of those events.


I met Erin at the Creative Connections San Diego meet up event a couple months back, and immediately knew I wanted to collaborate with her and Chris. Shortly after we met up at Bird Rock cafe in La Jolla and started to dream together about what a farm to table food photography workshop could look like. Together with Hazon San Diego and the Leichtag Foundation, we were able to create a day filled with delicious local and organic food, a natural light photography workshop and gather some awesome local bloggers and writers.

The first half of the workshop was composed of going over the basics of composition including leading lines, balance, the rule of thirds, golden mean, symmetry and cropping. A lot of the things we discussed I had heard before, but Chris gave examples for each subject matter, which was really helpful in making the connections.

Photography has been an interest of mine since I was a kid, using up dozens of disposable cameras on pictures of my neighborhood. My favorites were cloud shots. I think I’ve come a long way since those kodak disposables, but I’m still learning new techniques everyday, and trying to sharpen my photographer’s eye.

We got to practice the basics of composition on a dessert table that my co-host Gabi and I styled. It was so fun creating this indoor dessert scene – there was lots of pink, lots of candy and also some gorgeous pomegranates against the dark wood table. Everyone took turns around the table and we got some awesome action shots as well (check out #honestworkshop on Instagram for all the blogger submissions).




The second half of the workshop, we talked about color, light and editing software. I finally learned the difference between Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop, and officially want new editing software! We discussed contrasting colors, the amazing power of VSCO cam, and the fun community of photographers that exist on Instagram and other social media platforms.

We also talked about different tools you can use to enhance your photos and adjust for white balance. I think the hardest thing about shooting food is getting the lighting just right, and finding the perfect place in your apartment to set everything up. This is definitely something I want to focus on in the coming weeks.

Afterwards, we went outside to the second table scene where we ended the workshop by eating all the delicious food. Gabi and I styled the table exactly as we envisioned it in our planning phases. A ton of beautiful food, with lots of pops of color, gorgeous settings and small fun details for interesting shots. I think we succeeded.





I had such an amazing day yesterday – a huge thank you to Chris and Erin for their patience with all our questions and for being amazing teachers, and of course to the Leichtag Foundation for letting us make our dream of a farm to table photography workshop happen on the Ranch!

For more photos from the event, take a peek at Instagram with the hashtag #honestworkshop.